Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do It yourself: Christmas Party Invitations

Is it freezing, or what? I am absolutely frozen solid down here in the Sunshine State & I know all of you that are in the midst of snow are furious with me right now, but I really am cold! I'm sitting here, windows open, wearing two sweaters, with one warm puppy snuggled by my feet & a little music... go ahead & follow the link, you'll love it I promise...I love how they use this playful song in the movie Moonrise Kingdom, it is one of my favourite Wes Anderson movies!!
I have missed you all & am so sorry to have been away, but I have a wonderful craft that anyone can make! Not only is it easy, it's totally customizable which I love, because to me crafts aren't fun unless they're personalized!

We (Sydney & I), even busted out the Cricut Expression for this project, but I made sure to choose a very simple design so you in no way need more than just a pencil & scissors! I have not done a full review of my Cricut yet, but if I could shout from the rooftops, " I love you Cricut!", I would. I was gifted this about four years ago for Christmas by my husband & it has been used more times than I can count. Valentines, invitations, signs, scrap-booking pages, photo albums, & even a wedding!

As I have mentioned, Sydney's birthday is December 4th, we are having a birthday party for her the following weekend at our house. I was so worried about Christmas overshadowing her big day that I was totally caught off guard when she asked for her birthday party to be Christmas themed! I will be back soon with a party mood board & all of her plans! 

Once I got over my initial shock I got really excited & started writing down all her ideas: first of which was to make her own invitations. These are great for an office party, Christmas party or Christmas card for the family! It is teenager approved & I think all ages  I hope you all enjoy!

Do it yourself: Christmas party invitations


Begin by choosing a card-stock sheet you'd like to be your card base. Trace the pattern on your paper, or if you have a Cricut use the Wild-Card cartridge & select the "ornament" design. Use the image below as your template.

Fold all four sides.
Choose a paper for your tree, Trace around the tree, cut & glue.

Again choose paper for the star, trace, cut & glue.

Next you can embellish.
I cut out "snowflakes", glued them on & then colored over then with a white crayon.
I used a gold Sharpie on the star & outlined the tree with black.

 You could add glitter, beads, cotton balls, draw your family...the possibilities are endless! Next line the inside of your invitation with a paper of your choosing. Print or handwrite inside & you're ready to go!

Sydney does not like crafting, I have mentioned that before, but this was a great way for us to spend time together. All nine invitations took about two hours to make & she worked on all of them! I am so proud of her craftiness!

So who is throwing a holiday party? Any other December birthdays???

It's just another everyday, holiday with Jillie

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