Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Party & Do it Yourself Frosting

Happiest Halloween 2013!! I hope you all had a wonderful time yesterday whether you passed out candy, went trick-or-treating with the babies or hosted a party! Halloween for us this year was a total blast! We hosted some of Sydney's friends & you can see here & here that I've been excited about it all week! Lot's of planning went into this little soirĂ©e & I am happy to report the kiddos had a wonderful time! They ate all the food, went out trick-or-treating for 3 whole hours & finished the night with a candy swap & watched movies! It was a whirlwind 6 hours! 

I want to share two things with you this time, the first being my finalized party set up & how I came upon it step by step & the second thing is how to make a piping bag in a pinch & dress up some store bought frosting! So let's jump right in!

 Warning there are A TON of pictures!

Halloween Party Tablescape

The table was a labor of love, a little bit of this with a little bit of that. I started with a black fleece throw. 

Layered on spider webs & made a runner out of one creepy cloth.

 Next I added some lanterns & a brass candelabra. I was sure to give them the spooky treatment. From there I tinkered with my platters & serving bowls. I wanted different heights so I ended up using a two tiers candy dish, a wooden bowl that I flipped over & placed some pumpkins on & a few glass platters. I finally got rid of that red bag of dog food in the right hand corner (I was being lazy)!

You can see I used most of my mood board inspiration. A veggie platter in the shape of a pumpkin, mummy hotdogs, cupcakes, witches brew, lots of mood lighting, & creepy crawly music by Midnight Syndicate

Cupcake Decorating

The second thing I want to share with you stems from one of the many career hats I've worn in my life. In addition to being a teacher I have also been a baker (kinda makes sense, huh?). I worked for a large chain grocery store, Albertson's. It was a fun job, I loved decorating cakes & talking to sweet old women who wanted me to sell them half loaves of bread! Anyway... I wanted to come up with a fun idea for people that don't have time to do from scratch but still want more than the store bought flavors offer! 

So I came up with a super easy way to dress up that can of frosting & make it look pretty too! It's an equal parts frosting & whipped cream.

 Mix together for a creamy smooth frosting. 

Since it's fall I thought pumpkin spice would be nice! 
A heavy shake of cinnamon, nutmeg & clove leaves you with this speckled treat.

 Next comes application. You can smear it on with a spoon & call it a day (trust me it will taste amazing either way), but a fun things to try is also a homemade piping bag. All you need is one Ziplock lunch bag. You begin by flipping it inside out over your hand. 

Then you make a cup in the center, fill with frosting from a spoon & then unroll the bag back over you hand! 

Zip it up & you've got a clean piping bag! 

Cut one corner off. Start small, you can always cut more, but if you make the hole too big from the beginning you'll just have to start all over.

 As you can see it came out nice & smooth, not much height with the heavier frosting, but it looks nice & clean & is not runny.

If you have frosting tips but no piping bag place one in a corner of your Ziplock & repeat.

 If you don't enjoy frosting, you are just like my husband, so with that very same tip see how much height I got from a light fluffy whipped cream, so be creative & decorate your heart out!


It's just another everyday, holiday with jillie

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