Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party Mood Board!

The week of Halloween is finally upon us! I am so excited! Halloween is on a Thursday this year but I'm not going to let a silly school night ruin our fun! Sydney has arranged an intimate get together with five of her closest friends. With friends & family there will be about 10 of us this year. I love having her friends over, it's a window into a part of her world I don't always see. 13 has had highs & lows but overall she has made more decisions that I am super proud of than not & the friends coming are a great group of kids, I can't wait to share their holiday with them!

Making a mood board is a fun way to get all of your inspirations in one place. Then you can save it to look at year after year, it's like a journal of your home! I like to use Picasa, it's free & I like how easy it is to use! All your pictures in one place, easy to edit, add text & make collages. To use, I downloaded Picasa, & then added images into a folder on my desktop from inspiring places! My folder immediately loaded to Picasa, easy-peezy!. Next, I hit the "create a photo collage" button toward the top & then played around until I was happy with my results, layering in text & playing with the font! So here you have my Official Halloween Party 2013 Inspiration Mood Board! 


GimmeSomeOven has a wonderful idea for making cups out of apples & I have to say, I am smitten! This is adorable for any night around a campfire including Halloween!


 I will be making caramel from scratch later this week & posting a tutorial of candy apples, yay!


 Snoopy & the Peanuts gang are my favourite seasonal friends! Get used to seeing them with everything I decorate! 


Witches brooms are a fun & easy to make. Just buy some fruit rolls & snip into the shape of broom bristles, peel from wrapper & then wrap around pretzel sticks! Easy-Peezy!


What is a witch without her hat? This was always one my go to snacks in the classroom. Fudge striped cookies, orange frosting & a kiss! Thats all you need to make these spooky snacks!


Pumpkins & twinkling lights! The best Halloween combo!


What's a party without cupcakes? 


Creepy lighting is a must for this Halloween soirée!


I can't just feed these kiddo's junk food, so I've found a creative solution to a veggie tray & i'm using small pumpkins to hold the dip!!


I want to make sure I have plenty of candles & pumpkins on the table, I find wonderful inspirations from the Dining Delight blog!

Matt loves punch, & he thought we should incorporate this traditional recipe of bubbling witches brew!! I love the whole family getting involved in the planning!


& lastly, something that actually resembles a main course, these mummy hotdogs will be great for the kids to grab & go, as they rush out the door to find tricks & treats!

I hope you all take away some inspiration from my mood board & have fun planning your own parties this week!!

It's just another everyday, holiday with jillie

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