Sunday, October 20, 2013

everyday decorating, tablescapes around the house

Tablescapes, I'm into them!

 I am lucky that some how I have managed to squeeze four table tops that I can decorate monthly into my routine. Our dining room table (late 1800's Amish crafted), buffet (mid century RCA record player cabinet), coffee table (mid century, Drexel, surfboard table) & entryway table (mid century, Basset dresser).  Having that many places in our home dedicate to seasonal decor helps the entire house feel festive, & that is what I am all about!

Now I don't want you to think these are areas that go untouched, they are all used, daily.  This is a very real & very busy family of three. Sydney always has homework at the dining room table or someone over, we have three dogs & a cat. We eat all our meals at our table, we place our keys on the entryway table & use the coffee table for setting glasses & remotes. Needless to say, we need it to remain functional & I think that is what most people need. I'm going to be honest though, on the day of parties & holidays I get really grandiose ideas of how I want things to be & sometimes it can be time consuming to set up, but can you blame me for wanting to replicate some of these Sandra Lee Tablescapes? They're amazing!

First is our Drexel surfboard table. There are no right or wrong ways to decorate your tables, & sometimes I think the most fun ideas come from unconventional places. I keep apples in the living room, so when we are playing video games or watching Netflix we don't wonder off to the kitchen for a snack, we just grab an apple!

We read a lot, so I'm always using books to make more vertical dimension, I made these pictures & frames, there will be a tutorial next week! 

This would be one of those unconventional ideas I was talking about, that white stand with wood grain is actually a ramekin I snagged at Target on clearance this Spring.

Small toys & pieces for train villages make great table decor & books for height.

 There are so many tutorials online for these dryer vent pumpkins, thanks Pinterest! I picked up the dryer vent at Home Depot for 10$, it made 3 pumpkins. Then I used a stick from our Pine tree & leaves from our Hibiscus bush.

Next is our Basset entryway table, again I am using books for height, & usually in front of them is a small dish for our keys. Toys are fun, & since my husband collects them hand over fist I try to integrate them in wherever possible.

Matt's first Godzilla toy as a child & a vintage Stay-Puff marshmallow man accompany a Nightmare before Christmas figure on the left. 

On the right I have an aloe plant (as I've mentioned we live in Florida, & sunburns feel so much better with fresh aloe), snuggled with a few of my favourite owls! 

Here is my RCA record player that I use as a buffet, It still has the record player inside & all of my records, It works but doesn't sound the best, once I get it fixed fully it will move out to our Florida room (Matt's tiki Room). My canisters hold flour & sugar. The cauldron is full of candy (putting it out early was a horrible idea, live & learn!) & that candle holder with skulls on the right was a gift I bought Matt 13 years ago!

Matt & I made this dry erase board out of an old frame & shower board for under 20$ about five years ago. 

I'll be back tomorrow with three different table setting for the kitchen table! One for a Halloween party with platters on the table, one for a dinner party & one for an everyday look when it's just you & the family!

It's just another everyday, holiday with Jillie


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