Sunday, October 20, 2013

everyday decorating; dining room tablescapes

I hope you found inspiration in yesterdays post about tablescapes around the house, I'm back today with tablescapes for the dining room table for three very important Halloween occasions. A party, with tiered foods, platters & bowls, where people walk up & serve themselves. A dinner party where everyone is seated at the table, you want to have the food family style on the table with an open area in the middle to speak to each other. Lastly, an everyday, holiday where it's just you & the family on a weekday night where you want to sit & share your day with each other.

Let's get to partying, shall we?

 This first tablescape is the busiest with multiple heights. Around it would be colorful platters of candy apples, witches brooms, veggie trays & tiered cupcake stands! The buffet is cleared behind for the plates, napkins & drinks... mmm, warm mulled apple cider!

This next table is similar but I prefer it, you can enjoy the decorations from any side rather than only one,  there is more room for food, & there is some decor on the buffet as well. filled with food, both of these tables will delight your guests & not be in the way. Not to mention, the lights will be dimmed & the candle holders will fill the area with a warm glow.

Just a little detail shot, these playful characters are happy to see you!

We fell in love with this weird little kitty & are pleased with him year after year.

This next tablescape is for a dinner party. The table is open & inviting. There is plenty of room for casserole dishes & a salad bowl, which is what those metal skeleton arms are for tossing! Family style is so inviting for guests & helps them to feel at home in yours! Every pumpkin could have a slit in top with a piece of card stock & your guests name, so seating is a breeze.

Everything on the table serves a purpose, like these adorable salt & pepper shakers.

Heavy napkins are perfect for saucy casseroles or thick stews.

Lastly we have an everyday, holiday look, all treat no tricks! Plenty of room for everyone, a colorful tablecloth with a casual flatware display.

This is a great display for younger children afraid at Halloween, there is nothing scary about this guy! 

 Everything you need in one place; family, food & good conversation in this warm & inviting space! 


It's just another everyday, holiday with Jillie

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