Wednesday, November 6, 2013

herb gardening indoors

I don't know if I have ever mentioned but December is the craziest month out of the entire year for us! It is not only Christmas Eve & Christmas, but it is also my mom & Sydney's birthday on the fourth. Because that's not ridiculous enough  it's also my dad & nephew's birthday in December! Phew... needless to say I have to get creative, I have to plan early & I have to do a lot of DIY! I try my best to make as many gifts by hand as possible, so there is always a little TLC for everyone year round. Things I like to make are; lotions, calendars, candles, stained glass, anything crochet & of course made with love food!

So when I saw this little number at Target toward to end of summer on clearance I decided to snag it! 

It was listed as a condiment holder. I'm guessing it would be for a big BBQ party, because that would be a lot of ketchup!

 Anyway, at under 3 dollars I considered it a steal, the little pots are plastic & the cute stand is metal.

When I saw it, I immediately thought of my mom. She always has small potted plants on her windowsills & when I thought a little more I realized none of the plants were herbs.

So, I made my purchase & patted myself on the back all the way home. I let them sit in my holiday bin I mentioned here; for the last four months or so. Last week I decided it was time to do something with it, I went up to the local nursery & found three smallish plants that I thought would work well in her window, I needed full sun herbs because there are no trees out her kitchen window.  I found basil, oregano & mint, & thought those would all be nice to have at home, so I scooped them up & headed home, All three cost me 8$.
Once home I began decorating the pots. First I tried using some scrap booking paper to make nice big labels around the pot...I realized a little late it wouldn't be that easy to read, oops!

 I took them off & made smaller labels for the upper lip of the pot, I covered the entire label with tape so it could get wet when outside.

 Next, I flipped the pots over to make drainage holes with a knife.

Then I went outside & began the planting process. I took each plant out of it's pot & began to break down their root balls, I wanted to separate each plant into two so I would have six total.

I have learned that there is a fine line between being delicate & rough with it & you need to be somewhere in between the two. Once you have them mostly separated you can use scissors to finish the job. Place some soil in the bottom of the pot, place the plant on top& wiggle it into place.

Add more soil to firmly hold the plant in the pot without flopping to one side. water them in & you're finished!

I know my mom is going to love her birthday gift & in the end, the entire project cost me about 6$. Not too shabby!

It's just another everyday, holiday with jillie

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